We All Have Many Special Powers But We Dont Want To Use Them

One spechial power of every human is his own energy. He can use it in diffret ways.

 E.g. A aikido master can throw his enemyes using just his energy.

And, there are more powers...


The saints gaind special powers fom God and they could heal, move mountains and many more...


Anyway, never forget that once with the power you have more responsabilityes. And.. life is short and we have just 1. So, please don't revenge but forgive!

If you need someone to speak to, i'm here and i'll listen your storyes ;)


Have a beoutiful life, and never forget that the world is as we are inside ;)

Gheata Gheata
22-25, M
4 Responses Apr 5, 2010

you didn't mention your special powers. I have lived many lives and I am working on remembering all of them. this must be your first.

Having just read your insulting comments on one of saratoga's stories, I very much doubt whether I shall be speaking to you, my friend!

we have unlimited powers and also... limited. We choose, and usualy we choose bad. Reincarnations is the rebuilding of the body for the soul. But lets think about our mission on this earth. Do you think we are here to stay forever in bodies?

you should read my stuff.