A Premonition

whether or not you beleive in psychics but i remember recieving a psychic message that something major was going to happen within every 45 day period starting january 1st 2010. the first period haiti, the second chile, and recently the third mexico. how about that. the message was recieved in november of 2009.

sagediation33 sagediation33
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I'll be waiting at the address i start counting the 8 days tomorrow

lets see, the oil spill in the gulf qualifies as a disaster

Nothing bad is wrong. Perhaps you are a more sensible type and a peacefull person. You had a intuition or something like that, but not exactly a premonition.<br />
Perhaps you are wandering what to do now when you descove your special power...<br />
<br />
I advice you to see how it works and when it works. Train it and test it.<br />
<br />
Message me with your future fellings and experiences (just to make a full ideea ).<br />
have a nice life ;)

whats wrong?

Tell me whats going to happen to me?