Hurt Feelings

I have waited a long time to become a grandparent, last July it happened, my baby had a baby.

My son become a father, He was not in a great relationship with the mother but once the baby was here

his whole life revolves around his daughter Addison.  I watched in amazement as he did everything for her,

I was so proud of how he took the responsibility and become the most supportive and loving  dad,  and made a home

for his daughter with her mother, lets just call her phyco-***** for now. 

 phyco-***** started out by giving my son an ultimatum of "you must get rid of your dog, we have a baby now" 

So I took the dog, then phyco-***** said "you must move us to a nicer place, we have a baby now"  so he moved them to

a nicer place, 45 miles away from his mom and dad. Then phyco ***** said " If your parents want to see the baby

they can come here, I'm not going to their house, they have a dog, and by the way we need help from your mom and dad

to pay the rent, and that job I said I was going to get to help us out, not going to happen, I need to stay home with the baby.

  Like I said I waited a long time for a grand baby, and asked if we could have a picture of four generations, the baby, her father,

my son's father (my husband) and my husbands dad, who is 98 years old.  phyco-***** attached so many strings it became

insulting. My husband & I have been nothing but kind to this girl, she has turned into a manipulating hateful self absorbed phyco-*****. 

 My son does most of the cooking and cleaning, as well as working extra shifts so phyco-***** can have the latest cell phone, hair style,

and tanning, but they are always short to pay the rent and come to us.

 It just breaks my heart as he just loves his daughter so much he will do whatever phyco-***** tells him to just to keep the

peace.  Phyco-***** has had  two other children that have been taken away from her, the details are hushed up but it had to do with drugs.

When we try to go out to see the baby she always has something else planned so we can't come. 

  The dog was a gift from my son to an ex-girlfriend. the ex-girlfriend gave him back and phyco-***** knows the dog once belonged to

my sons ex. The dog is sweet and lovable but she says she won't have the baby around the dog.  I think if it wasn't the dog it would be

something else. She will never let me have a relationship with my gran daughter, what do I do? I just cry.        

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1 Response Feb 28, 2010

My uncle's relationship. He stuck it out but she emotionally beat the life out of him. He loves his son more than anything but it is a sad, sad story. I hope that when the son moves out in 5 years my uncle will finally divorce the witch and regain his sanity. <br />