I was at work about 10mths ago and i was doing the normal routine lifting pulling and some labouring when my back just went. I was in pain and it was so weird cos when i hurt myself i usually just walk it off but with my back i could hardly walk at all. I had a few days off but then went back to work. It was a struggle from then on and it only got worse. after a lot of pain, days off and a few tears and after my work deciced to fire me wtf. I went and had a MRI the results came back. I have Lumbarisation of the vertebrae, disc buldge, left sided impingment, mild joint arthrosis and i as told i have lumber spine stenosis. I am always in pain. everyday and everynight and Sometimes its really hard to sleep.The other day I fell cos of my back and i couldnt move my legs for 5-10 mins and i was taken to the hospital where they gave me a whole lot of meds to help with the pain. but i dnt want meds i just wanna be able to have freedom when i move. cant get over that this is all caused cos i was just doing my job. cant go to work, cant go to the gym and just fill hopeless. WHAT to do?
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I am so sorry you are going through this, I so know what you mean, its like I am drowning here, somebody help. I will be going for an LESI in couple weeks will let you know how it goes. Take it one step at a time. God bless.