Spinal Steosis

ive never had to wonder what pain was
as a young lad i had polio
no pain that i recalled
just couldnt do anything
then as i grew i was in military
passed thru that part of life in a breeze
hell i almost considered it as a carear
(almost being the main point there)
as i grew faster
i developed arthritus
my dr was sure it was post polio syndrome
anyway it got into my hips and caused me to have a bi-lateral hip replacementso i was still able to work
i had a fair job at a maor airline
outside work
then a corporate raider stole the airline from the employees who owned 25 ercent of it
the board of directors issued him enough stock to outvote the ritous owners
and our great republican president allowed it to happen
his name is synonomous with **** you know
so tried to get my stock certificits
and was refused
told me they had been destroyed
bull **** all i wanted was to wall-paper my bathroom wall with them
didnt get that done
now the republicans want to give Lorenzo a tax cut again
can you tell ima bit pissed
ohh yes
i learned 5 years ago i have spinal stenosis
and yep
its incurable
wondering if lorenzo wants my share of that also
ahh **** screw em all
gummybearbobbi gummybearbobbi
70+, M
2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

When you have Spinal Stenosis, it's OK to be down in the dumps sometimes. I've been there as well. It seems unfair to be living in pain and not have any good way to "fix" it. I've been a little luckier in my life - still working for municipal government - having the sick leave and insurance to cover 3 spinal surgeries, a foot surgery (arthritis), and a hand surgery. I'm almost out of sick leave - I had 960 hours before it all started to happen. Now I'm just hoping to make my retirement in 8 months.

I hope you're having better days. A lot of mine still suck but I'm smiling on the outside!

sorry folks
ws down in dumps when i wrote this
forgive this self centered ***