Im Sick of Spinal Stenosis

  • Hi I have had spinal stenosis for nealy 5 years now the symptoms came on when i was looking after my brother Inlaw who had terminal cancer. I Put My Problems To One Side While I Helped Look After My Dyeing Brother-In-Law God Bless His Sole.When He Died It Was Within Weeks I Had Trouble In Walking And Had To Have Callipers To Help Me Get ABout But I Could Not Get Any Pain Relief Until I Was On Morphine Tramadol And Gabapentin Which Is Enough To Knock Out An Elephant The Doctor Said But I Need It.I Had The Lamenectomy Hoping The Op Was Going To Be A Success . I Suppose It Was To A Point But The Pain Was The Same No Worse And Is Still Getting Worse Now. I Have Been Back To The Surgeon But He Was To Busy To See Me And Sent His Nurse Out To Tell Me That I Can Run Climb And Live A Very Happy Life (im Not Sure If He Even Looked At My Notes But I Cant Run Or Can I Climb And Im Not Having A Happy Life At All).
  • People Might Think Im Self Centered Who Read This But Im Not. But When Your In Pain 24 Hours A Day You Do Get A Little Fed Up.
  • I Have A Disabled Wife And An 11 Year Old Daughter Who Both Crave For My Attention And I Love Very Very Much.
  • Sometimes It Would Be Nice To Talk To Someone Who Knows What You Are Going Through And The Pain You Are Feeling So If There Are Any People Who Want To Talk By All Means Get Intouch. Thanks For Being A Shoulder xxx
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Dear mars1976 thanks for the response.You Also Sound As though you have had a rough time with your illness and your wifes illness.<br />
I Live in Britian so i dont need to pay for my treatment or medication i have just started taking a drug called pregablin im not sure what medication your on but they are going to inject my spine next month (may)with steriod so i hope it works even if it is for only 3 months at a time.<br />
I wish you all the best for the future to you and your wife and i hope you get some relief soon.<br />
Best Wishes<br />

had to continue....... I don't even know how to describe the pain, cramping-spasms, 'charlie horses', just to try describing a few of my own experiences....... The strange sensations of bugs crawling, cold water, fire, electricity, every imaginable sensation. All riddled with pain- that I describe as "ever changing frequencies of pain" it's just crazy.....

I understand perfectly.......... I was diagnosed with sciatica over 6 years ago. I couldn't move at all from pain. Then, stubborn me, I was determined to walk. Four days of ******* in a jar, stuck on a friends couch, I lost sense to touch and motor function in my left leg........... to bad you don't lose sense of pain! I had no insurance or medical help, and a bill for the MRI. Three months later, I walked back into work, as a Certified Nurses Assistant. I knew better, but just pushed on........ 5 years later, I start losing feeling and have severe pain moving to my right leg. You guessed it!! Spinal Stenosis! I was "under-diagnosed." the first time........ you might say. I had insurance this time, was sent to a neurosurgeon, and blatantly told my lifting heavy helpless people at work wasn't the cause. "I was born with it......" so I was told. Well, I got one of three spinal injection of steroids, then received the great news by mail...... "pre-existing condition-insurance dropped!!" That was the end of it. I was denied the medical card until I married my wife. She was on it for her heart........ since I married someone with a Medicaid card, I was now eligible. But, might as well shake a million dollars in my face and never touch it!!! I still have to pay for part, and can't afford even that, not able to work for a year now. The pain, knows no rest, and to try and hide it is next to impossible. (I fear my wife may have another heart attack...... had 5 already and only 26.) I'm 32 myself, and I know where you're coming from. Even my very loving wife, who has been with me through the doctors visits, can't comprehend how pain persists. No sleep, no sitting very long, and short walks seem to be a virtual "living hell" All the doctor friends I've known for years from work, ALL warned me not to get surgery, claiming it will leave me paralyzed. I guess there are no real answers yet. The only hope I have is the new discoveries in "Adult Stem Cells" taken from your own body.