My Pain and Agony

I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and scoliosis in the year of 2002.  The way this was found, I had a bad bicycle accident, which broke my little finger, fractured my other two fingers on my right hand.  And I also chipped a tooth, chipped off some of my meat on my chin, messed up both knees, and had two black eyes, and had stone from the sidewalk from which i slid across when i fell off my bike.  About two months later I started to have trouble with my left leg and groin area and lower back.  I was in severe pain like this for at least two yrs before he decided to do back surgery on my l3,l4, and l5 area, i now have screws and plates in my lower back.  I have two more discs that have gone bad just above my surgery, and I have two discs bad in my thoracic, and two in my neck area.  I will never get any better.  And just last summer I fell and dislocated my right elbow and first finger and just had surgery on my right shoulder, due to bone spurs, and a frozen shoulder.  I am started to really get sick of all the pain.  Is there anything that I can do to relieve any of my pain without taking pills all the time.

sassyrd56 sassyrd56
1 Response Mar 26, 2009

I think the reason no one has commented since you posted this is that the answer to your question is "no". There's no way to get rid of the pain without pills. I'm taking a fistfull of pain pills every day and the most stress I have in life right now is that I run out and can't get any more. I would stop eating before I would stop the pain pills. Even on the pain pills, I'm barely able to function every day. I used to look forward to retirement (in a year and a half) but now I wonder what I'll do if I don't have to get up each morning a sort of function. Will I just sit around because it hurts to do anything else or will I get more pills and become addicted to more drugs than I am already. Believe me - there's a lot of us out here wondering the same things you are with no more answers. Good Luck - and I mean that most sincerely.