My Salvation In Christ Has Blessed Me With The Spiritual Gifts Of Discernment And Visions

I now realize that i can not share what the Holy Spirit reveals to me with average believers. it is too dangerous, people will mock you and think you are being arrogant.Others may misinterpret your visions or dreams and even become foolishly jealous. I must agree with ArchAngel. When I get caught up with my own routines or doing too much for others I get a sense of feeling disconnected with my Spiritual gifts from God. I now pray in my spirit quietly while doing my regular daily routines. I always call upon the LORD to reveal to me what i must or must not say or do and what I must pray about. Our country needs us to intercede on behalf of destroying the evil that lurks in the earth and other spiritual realms of darkness. It may feel a bit lonely at times for me. However i pray to meet others like myself. This group is a great help so far. WOW it is actually a great relief to share this with others !!!!! God Bless You All! Keep up the good works for Christ's Glory!!!!!!!! AMEN.heart
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Hello Livelove71, Happy to meet you. I too have similar gifts, visions, dreams and miracles. We are called to help our Lord with his work here. What a pleasure to meet others like ourselves.<br />
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Have a Great day!

I do empathised with you, I get a dreams of the future and christianity will be nothing like with know it to be now. I can only speak to a few of my friends about it (God bless them) but I still get the feeling that they don't get the tangible reality of it. Sometimes it feels lonely but I wouldn't trade it for the world. What God has shown me is a fearful and great truth. Now I understand why the world will tremble at the sound of his name. We haven't seen nothing yet!<br />
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But I keep this too myself most the time, I often dream of a group of people seeing the same things as me...guess thats why I am on here. Because it is so hard to dream of one reality and live in a completely radically different other, it kind of like that avatar movie you begin to wonder which one your waking up to and which one you sleeping into. ah just don't know. trust me I have questioned my sanity.

What a load of utter crap!

I think I've realized something across the lines of what you are talking about with myself as well. I get strong vibrations when the idea crosses my mind. It is hard for me to believe that I am sometimes.

Yes so worthwhile <br />
Keep your spirits up !!

That's really beautiful.:)