Is It Is Possible That Angels Can Live On Earth.

I'm not going to go into full detail because I am not looking to share much information about my experiences as much as I am looking for someone who may know more than me. Would it be possible, that angels are roaming the earth in human disguise, and some if not most, aren't even aware? Would it be possible the whole "awakening of the spirit" movement in 2012 could be somehow linked to this? I want to know more about angels on earth, and what it is they are here for.
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I've came in contact with one of these Angles before. He was a Doctor. Read my article in I had a near death experience.

I live on Earth. I am an Incarnated Angel. Maybe I can help you somehow? Ask a question. Anything. I'll answer you truthfully, but keep in mind that I'm still in 'training' as of now, so I might have to ask someone else if I don't know the answer. Okay? :)

I don't believe Angels live on earth but they sure do walk the earth and sometimes we entertain them thinking they are just strangers. My second daughter can see them and has since she was a teenager, she's 27 now.<br />
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I do not believe that angels live in human bodies. Yes, there are angels and they do interact with humans and help to guide us but the live in another dimension or energy field. In the higher planes, there is no duality, no opposites. There is only positive energy. We come to this world to be able to experience both positive and negative. Simply put, you cannot learn much if you live in a constant realm of positive energy and love. Therefore, you must come to the world of duality in order to learn and advance on higher levels. I suggest one see the movie Far Away, So Close. Also, for further understanding of the role angels are playing in our lives today, I suggest you Google The Correcting Time and sign up for the daily messages which are being channeled through this group of transmitters/receivers. Stay tuned.

I believe that some (or most) humans can be used as spiritual vessels. I don't know if I'm an angel. I have the gift of insight and can heal. But, I can hate or become detached just as deeply. Most say that I have a calming influence but some are intimidated by me. So, angels are here. But, most of us are "sleep-walkers".

Yes. Angels are able to take on human form and do live among humans. They are part of a hierarchy in their realm and some possess different gifts than others. If you want to talk about this further off of this forum, you can message me.

Angels are in nature, the counterpart for a demon. There are humans in the millions now who are demons, angels, or both. This is because of an id that is being spread through the past of the individuals who are in possesion of it. An id usually runs up your spine and into your brain and is the map of your "ingredients" An id can be described by its "Nature" The nature which is being spread throughout our society through contact with this new id is demon (voluntary) "Everything but the stupid stuff" and angel (automatic) "The perfect angel to see to it that every single being, be they demon, angel, human, essence, whatever are perfectly happy and healthy for ever and all eternity, on the first try." Contact with this id turns you into a real angel for real and puts you on this mission! <br />
Other than that, angels are here on earth already, as they form everything living!<br />
E the yura! (The perfect amount of love for everybody that you come into contact with!)<br />
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I know that fairies live on earth. <br />
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The ancient Greek Gods lived on Mt. Olympus, most fairies live on Brokeback Mountain, <br />
except for a few like Elton John,the others roam about dressed as male ballet dancers.