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I used to work in a supermarket when I was in school, aged 16. Then I went off to college, quit the job, took a gap year, and then when my money ran out halfway through my gap year, I went back to the supermarket asking for my old job back.
No problem, they said, saves them training a new person (because stacking shelves is SO hard!), start on Monday, but the uniforms take a while to arrive, so I can wear my old one, right?
Except, it turns out I've gained a bit of weight since I was 16. I struggled and squeezed myself into this uniform, I had to wear a vest under the blouse because the buttons wouldn't fasten properly, so I left a few open. I felt a bit ridiculous turning up for work in clothes that were obviously too small, but they said I'd have a new uniform in a week or so, so I figured I'd cope.
I went out onto the shop floor to start with a bit of shelf-tidying before I brought the new stock out, it was a Monday morning, not the busiest time but still fairly packed. I was in the bread aisle, weaving between customers, I saw the bottom shelf was a mess. Bent down to sort it out...
My trousers tore right open, flashing my bright blue Eeyore underwear! I was mortified, I ran straight back to the warehouse and pleaded with everyone to give me something to cover myself with.
Eventually got a guy to lend me a fleece to tie around my waist, on the condition he could take a couple of photos of the rip. That arrangement worked great, until the end of the shift I had to give the fleece back, and walk home!
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I love your stories and want to see you.
My trouser crotch ripped at work, I didn't know and I had no boxers on lol. I found out when one of the young women I work with told me my balls were hanging out haha