I was a freshman in high school and my best friend convinced me to join a vocational club it was a great way to get out of class for practice and competions so I agreed well one day we had a competion, the clubs protocol when we were competing was that we must wear professional clothing blazer and black skirt or slacks and dress shoes which I owned none so my friend let me borrow her black skirt well the skirt fit but was tight in certain areas but It'd have to do. So as we're all getting in the van I had to hike up my skirt a bit bcause I couldn't left my leg high enough to get into the van well that was a HUGE mistake as soon as I reach up to the van I hear this RIP OMG I quicky sat down luckily no one noticed and no one was standing behind me I was in a panic I reached under me and felt how big the tear was the slit in the back had ripped all the way up so I was in a van filled with mostly guys one of wich I had a huge crush on and on my way to compete with my *** hanging out Luckily my friend was a quick thinker I whspered to her what had happened she started laughing but came to the rescue she told our instructor she had a huge headache and was feeling nauseated  I had to put my head down to keep from bursting out laughing so he pulled into a groccery store I took my blazer and wrapped myself in it we both got off and looked like crazy people running up and down the aisles looking for the sewing stuff then ran to the single bathroom and we both went in where we tired to sew LOL the job was so sloppy but strong enough to hold, the whole time we're laughing and I know people heard us and that just made us laugh harder to think what was going through their heads well after our job was done we made our way back to the van where a very angry instructor was waiting and he let us have it for taking so long, again my friend being the great actress she is saved the day again explaining in detail how sick she got he quickly stopped talking. I won second place in the regional competion that day which qualified me for state competion and I won first place there so I guess my adventure was worth it. LOL!

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very funny!!

KC Yeah I would of been screwed LOL Thanks for reading and for the comment

XD thats awesome. =o you were lucky he pulled into a grocery store, any other store wouldnt have a sewing kit XP