yes lol i have a couple of times.

the most recent was roughly 2 yrs ago, i was having a snowball fight with my roomate in my pj bottoms and my pants ended up soaked (thanks to the ppl that buried me in the snow). i ended up falling, and my roomate said to me "umm u have a hole in ur pants". of course, i didn't believe her.

i decided to look after a few minutes and there was a hole...a big one..right on the crotch of my pants.

i blushed, grabbed where the hole was and attempted to run into the house...ya i only made it to the driveway where i slipped on ice infront of 5 ppl, fell, and ripped the hole even was not a good day lmfao

LittleFerrett LittleFerrett
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it so is...

lmfao thats true..

I am just saying.. you never know what some people do.

lol umm no i don't go commando lol.

Well hopefully you wasn't free balling that day.

LMFAO i so did. and i still laugh about it

you must have laughed though