Gave A Bunch Of Geeks An Eyefull I'm Sure

First off I have to describe the situation. My husband (fiance at the time) and our two friends all went to Star Wars Celebration III in Indianapolis. This being a con I decided to dress up. So, I was wearing a skin tight PVC catsuit (bodysuit with legs and arms) and boots, belts, fake gun,  holsters, makeup, theatrical contacts...the whole getup. This is also in March. So, we left the hotel early and had to wait outside. It was cold. Not horribly cold but like 40-45F outside. We waited, and we waited...finally after like two hours, and tons of pictures taken of me we get inside the convention center.

We're walking around and this woman, complete stranger, comes up to me and says that the back of my suit has split. I feel my butt, yeah, the suit split. I'm guessing from the temp change. The cold probably made the PVC too stressed. What's worse....I'm wearing a thong. Basically my bare butt is hanging out for all to see. I back up to a booth and gesture to my fiance to get over here NOW. After a short explination he gives me his cloak he's wearing. God was I lucky for that. I'm sure a bunch of Star Wars nerds got to see more of a woman's form then they ever had.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Good reason to always have a cape handy! This is funny and kinda sweet.

Omg... that sucks.