Life Gets Even Better

My Father had a stroke when I was 5 and my Mother had cervical cancer and died of radiation therapy when I was 12.The main influences in my life were my Aunt and Uncle who started caring for me when I was 9.They were in their 50 and 60's though and I constantly felt alone,without my Mother who was in the hospital most of the time.They were great but were more like Grandparents.My first husband fell off a building and died when I was 6 months pregnant with our second child,I was 21.Then I met my second husband three years later,who was an alcoholic and a drug addict.I thought he would grow out of it...I stayed with him for years because of the children we had together But he was and is a lousy father who only cares about himself.Two years after we married he started to abuse me mentally and physically.The police were called twice to my house ,the second time the police charged him.The alcohol abuse and drug abuse had become even worse.It is 28 years later and I have thrown him out of my house that I rented under my own name,last year I started to be stronger as my children grew and started to "see" what was happening.I am starting to heal after all the mental abuse now ,he quit the physical abuse because he was petrified of the police.
It has been three months now and he refuses to pay hardly any child support and no spouse support.This is the beginning story of part of my life.I feel it is going to get better every day,less money but happiness is priceless

Shelda Shelda
2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

My Aunt used to tell me I was truly blessed for all the pain I had.It makes you a stronger better person.

I am sad that you had such a hard life but happy that you are taking steps for your own happiness. To have lost your parents at such a tender age had to be so hurtful and then to lose your husband this way while you were carrying his child must have been frightening. You are a strong woman to have come through all of this. <br />
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I have often wondered why some of us seem to have such hard lives and some of us seem to have things so much easier but I also realize that all of us have our scars both inside or outside. No one leaves this world without their own personal walk through fire. <br />
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I wish you many blessings as you gain your true happiness.