Whats In My Refrigerator?

Some of the stuff in there is pretty rank. I have a sausage from a Super Bowl party - thats not so bad, that was this month. There is cheese that I know is over 6 months old. The parmesan looks OK, but  I'm afraid to touch it. The cheddar has lots of spots now - usually you can just cut the mold off the cheese and eat it, but there comes a point when it looks life-threatening.  I 'm glad I don't buy leafy vegetables, because they turn into stinky green soup that always leaks out of the plastic bag. I have a bag of carrots approaching 90 days, but they're OK because they don't stink. There is bread and chili in the freezer from the food that people brought over when my wife died. The chili may be ok but the bread has got to go.  I'm glad they put an expiration date on eggs now. I think hot dogs last forever if they're unopened, but I'm not sure if thats true for an opened package. I usually feel it; if its not slimy then its OK.

I have a bottle of chocolate wine that I got before Thanksgiving; I'm going to hang on to that. There was a wine tasting at the supermarket  and I liked it - I figured it would be a good conversation piece at a party so I bought a bottle. I also bought some pomegranate wine - the lady at the market said it was fun and it would be delicious with champagne. Boy I tell you they can see me from a mile coming. 

I have some cosmos seeds harvested from 2 summers ago - these flower stalks were over 7 feet tall - unbelievable you say but its true. I will try them again this year. I think there is even stuff in there that is older than the refrigerator - it was transferred from the old refrigerator becasue I didn't want to waste 'good food'. This would be the condiments, vinegars, barbecue & specialty  sauces.  There are some mold spots too, but I usually wipe those down; don't want anything unhealthy to get into the food supply.

mergelayers mergelayers
51-55, M
Feb 26, 2010