The Worst Friends a Girl Could Have. But I Love Them Anyways

I live in a small area away from everyone else. my dad got fired from a job 2 years ago. and we are living on a single income.

1.) the abuser

i save all of my money i find or earn and i keep it in my wallet. my friend. (lets call her Olivia) Wanted to see a movie and promised she would pay. I brought money with me so i could buy my own ticket. she told me she forgot money. so i had to pay for her and she got a bunch of candy and told me she would pay me back. she never did.olivia always hangs out with me in class but whenever she sees another one of my friends she throws me out like yesterdays newspaper. shes always like "ANNA CAN I SIT BY YOU! WANNA BE MY PARTNER? I LOVE YOU!" she never ever treats me like that. i feel like im second best to her. i have done so many nice things for her that i cant even explain.

2.)Daddys Spoiled girl

So lets talk about "anna". in one simple word i can describe her as..spoiled. she goes to florida at least 4 times a year. she gets clothes and makeup and perfume and shoes! she has everything i have to live without. she buys expensive things too. not kohls but like chanel and all those other designers. our family is so poor right now...i have to share clothes with my sisters and BROTHERS! she asked me if i wanted to go to florida with her. i said Yes of course. but of course after i packed she called me and said...Your bringing money right?? and i said no. she told me i couldn't come. she goes shopping every weekend and has the cutest outfits. we normally act goofy to eachother but when were with different people she looks at me weirdly. and she LIES! out of all the other things. this is a real problem for me.

3.ashamed to have me as a friend

Now this friend. lets call her Jane. i absolutley love Jane!! she is amazing. funny and i can trust her. but shes older than me by a year. when i go up to her she looks walks away so we can talk privatley instead of infront of her older and wiser friends. she told me that one of her other friends said IS THAT GIRL YOUR FRIEND? and she replied Ehh shes alright.



so thats basically. my good friends i guess you could say. anyone else with this problem. and i have a communication disability.  i love acting goofy. but i cant stop infront of other girls and boys and they think im weird for it.


i hate my life.

rabbsilly rabbsilly
13-15, F
Mar 6, 2009