My Spondylosisthesis

I was diagnosed with Grade II Spondy with severe bilateral neural foraminal narrowing last August. I've been living with it since that time. I've researched appropriate exercises and stretches, and spend time daily trying to help myself. For the most part I've been able to avoid the severe pain that I was experiencing early on, however, as of late I do notice my symptoms seem to be getting somewhat worse. Some days are better than others. 
I've read testimonials from spondy sufferers that have had the fusion surgery and am in no hurry to put myself through that. As long as I can maintain a reasonably comfortable existence, I am just going to continue as I am, exercising, stretching, and avoiding severe pain. I do wonder how long I will be able to continue in this mode. 
jeff4jazz jeff4jazz
May 25, 2012