Symptoms Gone!!

I had spondylolisthesis, grade II and I believe I still have it, but who cares what I have really, all I care about is that my symptoms are gone.  It started with a slip/fall and probably other various injuries adding up.  I then got numbness and tingling in both legs going down to my feet.  I started to not be able to control when I used the bathroom.  I also would have spontaneous arousal, which doesn't sound like a bad thing unless it is at the wrong time it can be a difficulty for sure.  I couldn't handle the pain and symptoms anymore, so I decided I would get the surgey and they would do some sort of fusion surgery that just sounded less than ideal to me.  Before my surgery I decided to go see a Chiropractor and this Dr. looked at my x-rays and tried some adjustments and different treatments, to my dismay it really didn't help much at all.  The pain would be decreased for a few hours, but nothing long lasting that is for sure and I felt like I was wasting my time yet again with another Dr. and paying the copays for it.  So I went in one more time to get my films and such and tell them that I was done with treatment.  This time I was referred to see another Dr. as mine was not available.  This young Dr. looked at my films and asked me about my symptoms and he said I think I may have something that could work for you.  I told him I tried Chiropractic care and it didn't work, he said this isn't Chiropractic it is Spinal Rehabilitation that is designed specifically to reduce the Spondylolisthesis.  I said ok I will give it one week to see what it can do for me.  I came in for three visits and he gave me some exercises with wedges and weights to do at home so I was doing rehab 7 days a week and I did it twice per day.  I figured I would do as much as possible at this last ditch effort so that I could say I gave it a good try and I would then have no regrets after the surgery even if it didn't work.  To my suprise each day I did the exercises the symptoms reduced a small amount, by the end of the week I noticed a measurable improvment so I decided to stick with it for another week.  At the end of the second week 80%!!!!! of my symptoms were gone.  I couldn't believe it!!!!  Everything was working much better and I continued to do the exercises, I still do the exercises even to this day, but now I only do them 3 times a week.  The post x-ray shows a slight reduction in my spondylolisthesis but who cares what the image shows I just care that my symptoms are gone.  I can't thank that young Dr. enough who helped me out and I am so glad he took those specific rehab classes that showed how to help my condition.  I was his first patient that had extreme symptoms, he even told me he wasn't sure about what my results would be, but I was glad he was honest with me and was able to help me out as well.
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Jun 1, 2012