What's In My Future Because Of This?

Hi, my name is Ashlee. I'm seventeen years old and found out that I had Sprengles when I was about 3. It wasn't bad when I was younger, but as I've gotten older its gotten worse and worse. I can raise my arm to about where my tippy fingers hit my ear. Ibe only been to the doctors twice about it. Once when I was little, they told me to come back in a few years to see of Id need surgery, but my mom never called. I went back again last summer and found out that because of my age, my muscles have already formed and surgery probably wouldn't help. Well for the past two or three months my backs been hurting and I can't really stand or sit for too long with out it hurting. Today I started looking to see of Sprengles had anything to do with that. I found out that it could cause scoliosis. I have two of the symptoms and im having my aunt check my back tomorrow. now I'm reallly scared. So my first question is what are the chances of having scoliosis from sprengles? & I was reading some of these Entrys and two people said they both had scoliosis and they had children with Aspergers. So my second question was, was that a coincidence or could someone with sprengles give birth to a baby with health problems? Answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated.. Thankyou.
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It's understandable to be scared about what's in store for you, but more than likely you will be fine. If you are worried about having a healthy child you could see a genetic counselor when the time comes. I would think that it is just coincidence that some people with Sprengels have kids with problems. I'm 70 years old and have Sprengel's and Klippel-Feil...I have 2 kids, 5 grandkids, and 7 great-grandkids all in perfect health.
If you can find a yoga class and instructor that will accomodate your limitations I highly recommend it. I started Iyangar yoga at age 65 and think it is the best treatment there could possibly be for my condition. Still can't raise my arm very far, but the yoga and done wonders for my range of motion and pain.