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Family History Of Colon Cancer

I do not have colon cancer but I just found out my dad does. My dad is 48 and has probably had this cancer for a year or 2, but we could not convince him to see a doctor until now. His dad (my grandpa) was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 45 and he lived to be 58. This was back in the 80's before we had all of the technology we have now. By the time my grandpa discovered he had cancer he was in the last stages. He survived solely on surgeries, and medication. He also had a colostomy bag for 8 years and was always in the hospital.
I have seen the 3D images of my dads tumor and it is large. We have know idea what stage he is in or if the cancer has spread beyond the colon. We won't know all of the details for a few days. They have mentioned to my dad that he may have to take chemo and radiation but as of now they have not mentioned a colostomy bag. My dad wants to refuse the chemo and radiation because of all the side effects, but he will do surgery. I am so scared he is not going to take the treatments. Different members of our family have to accompany him to doctor visits because he will not tell us what the doctors say and we are afraid he'll hide things from us. He didn't even want the doctor to tell us he had the cancer but the doctor did anyway and my dad got mad. I'm just praying this all goes well. My dads to young to just die and I feel it's selfish of him in a way to refuse treatment and not care about leaving his family behind. I know watching my grandpa live with cancer and seeing all of the things he had to go through has traumatized my dad.
I have also had many other distant family members suffer with colon cancer ( all before the age of 50) so I will make sure I start checking myself at an early age,I am 27 now.

Prayers for All of you battling colon cancer or who have lost a loved one due to colon cancer!!
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This reminded me so much of my experience.
I lost my dad from colon cancer, stage four. He was very, very young, age 36 when it was time for him to go. I was 4 when it happened but I remember him being very hesitated. He had to take chemo, lots of surgeries, and I believe radiation. I hope your dad is able to accept and continue to fight. Even though I am only 14, Your dad and family will be in my prayers!

try to convince your dad that there are medication to ease up on the side affects. Surgewry isn't going to be enough considering how you discribed his tumor. What they will do is check his lymphnodes to see if the cancer cells have made there way there, if they are clear of the cells, he stands a better chance at surviving this.

I agree with the fact that he should have told all of you and I also can understand his reasons. He is scared and for a good reason.

There is a place called Cancer Treatment Center of America. They are the best and have the best doctors and researchers any where.

Keep us posted on whats going on okay? Look up what they can do to curve his side affects. Show him that its not as bad as it used to be.

I'm so soor to hear this. My mom waited far too long to get hers checked and she dies with it. But, in her case, there was nothing left to save. They didn't even bother cutting any of it OUT, or there would have been nothing left IN.

Oh I hate to hear that. Cancer is a horrible thing! Your poor mom..

She was very brave, and funny. When I told her (long story) she told me to get the craft box so she could finish making the tree top angels she was making for her grandchildren. As she was working on them, she began to laugh. When I asked her what was funny, she said *Here I am making angels, and pretty soon I am going to be one.* What she didn't understand, was that she always had been one.

My dad ended up going through 3 months of radiation ( 5 days a week), 6 chemo pills a day, tons of colonoscopy's until he finally had his surgery 3 weeks ago. He was really lucky that the chemo and radiation worked so well on him and shrank the tumor tremendously. However, the surgery ended up being a bit complicated because when they got in there they discovered my dad had colorectal cancer ( the tumor had shrank but it stretched from his rectum into his colon). So the 2 hour surgery turned into 5 hours. The surgery went well after that and the surgeon said he didn't see anymore cancer or any damage to other organs. They had to go through his anus and stomach (poor guy ). And he is wearing a temporary colostomy bag for the next 3-6 months, then it will be reversed. My dads getting back to himself now and I pray it doesn't come back...

2010 i was diagnosed stage 3 colorectal with a 6 month colostomy..full reversal and no issues to date....wish your dad all the best but todays technology is much better....without a doubt we both will live a full life with of course yearly colonoscopys wich i have had 2 cancerous polyps removed...but we will survive this...(((hugs))) to you!!

thanks for the comment , i was researching about the same situation where my brother was diagnosed stage three colon cancer after the colostomy. <br />
he was advised to see an oncologist and wher are just wondering how it woul go about<br />
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i was diagnosed with stage 3A colon cancer 18 mos ago, was 53, had a family history--i had cancer in one lymph node and was recommended to do a 6 month course of chemo following surgery (partial colectomy, no colostomy bag)--my surgery went very well--2 weeks to the day from surgery i was back playing a gig with my band--returned to normal eating very quickly and have never had any problems at all eating whatever i want--chemo was a bit of a drag, the first 3 most not so bad, the last 3 it kind of caught up with me--but i was never nauseous, was just tired, had diarhearra alot, some insomnia, not much of an appettite (still didn't lose any weight tho)--all in all a tedious process but i would absolutely do it again because it really pushes up your long term survival rates--i had my first colonoscopy 14 mos after surgery, all clear, being tested every 3 mos now, CT scans twice a year and so far so good! remind your dad there are WAY worse cancers out there and that colon cancer is highly survivable--my dad had it 12 yrs ago, stage 3B and has never had a problem since then---tell you dad to suck it up and do the chemo! p.s. lost about half of my hair but it came back with a vengance--it looks fabulous!! i finally have the kind of hair i always wanted!!