My Mom

Well i am here to share my moms experience with colon cancer. When you are told you are already in stage three, everything may seem bleak suddenly. My mom did. But she was really courageous and fought on for 4 years with stage 3B colon cancer. With her condition (she had an osteomy done and a permanent urine catheter during the last few mths), her hospice doctor was simply amazed at how long she held on because formy moms case, she was deteriorating real fast with cancer cells spreading to her lungs, and new tumors growing on her bladder and rectum. Still, my advice to everyone who has cancer to be positive and try to keep life going as much as you can! Dont stop cos once you give up, your body gives up! Work till you cant walk anymore. Sing till you have no more strength. Laugh and cry like you always do. Be positive and your body will work its magic by fighting all the nasty cancer cells. I know and understand completely how tired and frustrating it is to be you, and your caregiver.If you have anything to ask or confide in, pls feel free to write to me. Im more than willing to share what my mom and i had gone through. Caregivers please hold on tight because these ppl are your loved ones and i know it really hurts to watch them in pain and being at your wits end. Stay strong, and always talk to someone who can support you. You have to be strong in order to care for your loved ones right? But we are only human.

Its almost two years now my mom left us... but because of her positive and cheerful personality, she had continued to touch lives and showed people ard her how much she loved em before she joined jesus. She left with no regret.

Life is a journey thatll end. But how we will walk it, embrace it and end it, its our choice.

So, my friends... beat cancer by living your lives to the fullest!!!! You all can do it!!!!
jellyrainbowbeans jellyrainbowbeans
26-30, F
Jan 5, 2013