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my husband was a hard working man and is a good man, he drove a 18 wheeler most of his life , we took care of both my parents until they passed away, Our kids are grown and now its our turn to enjoy life. So after my mother passed away in feb 2011 , I decided to take our puppy and go with him in the truck and enjoy our life but on NOV 14 2011 my husband was diagnosed
with stage 4 lung cancer, Our life was turned upside down, we went from a yearly income of 46,000. a year to 14,000. a year, i was trying to work part time, The bills are piling up, the cost of medicines, then the car needed inspected, didnt pass, need two front tires, and exhaust, my husband used to do the work on our car but now he cant , had some help from some cancer funds
but it is not enough, i feel helpless, dont know where to turn
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I'm so so sorry. I am praying for you. I understand the income and financial challenges for sure, we are in same boat. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am here if you would like to vent or talk. Looks like you are a woman of Faith. Your Faith will get you through. It's what has gotten me through my struggles so far. God Bless you!

I'm so sorry. Cancer is truly horrible and it can leave you feeling helpless. Please hang in there. Go to your church and talk to the pastor. Ask for guidance. Pray to God for peace healing and guidance.