In A Specific Class, One Full Of Smart People

i have stage fright in general, in front of a lot of people i don't know, like lets say the whole school. but i tend to do great presenting in a class of people who mostly have worse grades than i do. the real fear comes in my AP class. i am a chicken in that class. i participate in all the other classes except that one. everyone in that class is really smart and although i am too, i'm not as good. some of these are people with more than one AP class. i am scared to talk in that class. before, whenever i rose my hand i would start shaking and begin to panic and put it back down. when i rose my hand and i am chosen to ask or answer, i tremble and talk softly with bad grammar and spelling, and often ask a question that doesn't make sense in what we're talking about. the question would be right in my mind but i would mess up asking it. i start to use terrible grammar as if i never spoke english before. then i blame my self for trying to participate and feel really bad afterwards. EVERY TIME i say something i that class it ruins my whole day, and i keep getting negative thoughts. i don't know what to do, i was used to be a smart person in the middle of people who didn't try as hard, now i am a dumb person who tries hard in the middle of people waaay above me, in their advanced language and general skills and attitude, i am not used to this. HELP!
Shamandora Shamandora
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

what u are going to say .. repeat in your mind in musical way . just add tune to it.. just think everyone is unique.. and your question will matter.. feel stronger..and say to yourself " my question makes sense" option2 is just say 2urself "i don't care of anybody.... no one can stop me to ask this question...yeaaaaaaah( energy)

thanks for the comment, i started speaking up now :D