When i see people staring at me i forgot the whole thing which i was about to speak,my heart started pumping harder,feels like i am choking,everything is shaking
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My Daddy lost his virginity to a girl band back in his teenage days. He says that to deal with stage fright and get their energy up the girls always spanked each other just before pulling up their sparkly hot pants and going on Stage! That time he got to do it for them!!

(There's more to his story of course. Friends may trade me their virginity story for his. Or for mine if you excite me enough.)

I had never had stage fright before but I know a thing or two about dealing with it, one good one is just pretending they are just dummys, dolls or just a potato. And remember ing lines, try go through them before the performance/speech this might help your confidence and always remember that you can do it

thanks ginga ,i'll try that

No probs, any time 😃

This is relatable

i need help on it