But The Need Is There

i have some pretty bad stage fright

i start shaking, get a cold sweat (and sometimes start farting a lot xD). i've never passed out or up-chucked though, so it could be worse i guess

unfortunately, i also have this undying NEED to get up and perform for people; to want to entertain and awe people

and i'm just pretty torn between the Need and the Fear of the stage =/

i've been trying to get over the fear by just getting up on stage and pushing myself past it (school talent show for example)

and minimal as it may be, i don't get as freaked as i used to

hopefully one day i'll be over it completely :]

AllHallowsEve AllHallowsEve
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3 Responses Mar 3, 2010

good for you! i have absolutely horrible stage fright too....i acutally used to cry before all of my piano recitals...recently i have the same undying need to get up on stage...i have yet too but I keep forcing myself to go to open mic nights...it gives me a tiny little push each time i go..anyway, i give credit to you for getting up on stage, thats awesome!

kay so i did my school talent show again this semester and i figure one or two more performances and i'll be over it completely (at least for the act i do anyway....its what i can do most comfortably) :]<br />
<br />
if anyone's interested i'll post a link to youtube where you can watch it :]<br />

I feel you...I think it's so great that your desire to perform is winning! Keep it up, and update us if you get on stage again!!!