Blindness From Solar Eclipse

Just wanted to warn everyone that it is NOT safe to try to look at the sun, whether it is a cloudy day, or a solar eclipse.

There are enough of the sun's rays making it past the moon to strike your eye that you could be blinded and cook your retna faster than you can say, "Gee I wonder if this is such a good idea..."

There are only three safe ways to view a solar eclipse.
The first is on TV.
The second is with a pin-hole camera. (That is, punch a small round hole --pinprick-- in a paper plate and use that one to shield a second one in your other hand. But raising and lowering the top shade with the hole in it, you can focus the ray that stream through to project on the bottom second plate. It is safe to look at the image of the sun that is projected onto a surface.
Like this, you can frequently seem little crescent images of the sun dancing below leafy trees that wiggle during a solar eclipse.

The last way is to get several pieces of welders glass (the narrow rectangle of glass that fits into a welder's helmet to look through) and stack them together. Different pieces have different values, YOU WANT AT LEAST A TOTAL OF 14 TO PROTECT YOUR EYES. This can be in any combination, totaling at least 14... 6 & 8 5& 9, , 5 & 5 & 5, 7 &7, 10 & 4.... just make it at least 14.
You can tape the pieces together in a stack and make it thick enough to hold up in front of your eyes.

But don't let kids nor anyone else look directly at the sun. They'll loose their vision!
studfinder studfinder
56-60, M
May 20, 2012