A Few Things Come To Mind

I'm not brave enough to post my whole list, but here's part of it.

1. Have sex in the ocean, letting the waves rock us, while we are laying half on an inflatable raft, and half in the water.

2. Try more toys with my partner.

3. Make love outside, maybe hiking or on the beach... gotta scope out a good private location

4. Role play a little bit of seduction/reluctance. Rape fantasies don't do anything for me, more like I just want him to be persistent in getting me so aroused I am begging to have him inside me. I like it when he isn't easily dissuaded.

5. Be tied up &/or tie him up

6. Shower sex (more often)

7. Sex in a sleeping bag, but a single. The idea of being snuggled up where you have to work a little to get together sounds like a fun challenge, if not ideal for leverage, lol.

8. Have a nipple O

9. (Just fantasy on this one) have a mff with my husband and a bi woman. Get DP from a strap on and my husband, then use a double sided toy to 'give' a DP..... don't know what it's called, but it it goes inside the woman 'wearing' it and is shaped to press on her g-spot, with a traditionally shaped 'phallic' side to use on a partner like a strap on. This toy really captured my imagination after I saw it in a catalog! Makes me wonder if it would make a nice solo toy with a fun shaped 'handle' lol

Well, that's all for the moment. I've really enjoyed reading the other lists here. Thanks to everyone who has posted! I've picked up a few ideas! ;-)
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9 Responses May 4, 2010

I’m for # 6. Give him lots of blow ‘jobs in shower and get fuc’ked from behind upper body downside + hands on wall. Give him full access to your pu’ssy and let is co’ck in and out movement stimulate you enough to reach high point climax...refer to my B’Job 101 story....I fancy this

Love your list!!!

Hummm the sex in the sleeping bag would present an interesting challenge....

Wow sex in the ocean sounds interesting!!! :-)

Thanks Helmsman and poly. I think I discovered another one last night. <br />
<br />
11. Try some mild role playing. Get picked up by a "stranger" at a bar and go home with him. I was out shopping with a friend last night, and I ended up dropping her off at a bar for just such a playful "date". They hadn't done that before, and she was so excited when I left her. The more I thought about it, the more it turned me on! GRRRRR... I can't wait til my husband comes home. Toys are fun, but a very, very poor replacement!

May you get to enjoy all of those and find many more things to add (and cross off) this list!

great list, start checking them off, and for each one you check off, add another....

Joining the mile high club doesn't really appeal to me, but the idea of making love on a train appeals A LOT. I've traveled by train only a few times, and never with a private car, but I throughly enjoyed being rocked to sleep while a very erotic fantasy played itself out in my mind. I do talk in my sleep every now and then, and I woke up wondering if I'd been moaning or talking in my sleep on the train. I could only recall bits of the dream after I woke up, but the parts I did remember where very steamy. Even more than the details of the dream, this wonderful feeling of contentment and satisfaction lingered when I woke up. This is one item I'm looking forward to making a reality when we move back to the mainland. We are already planning a long road trip, part by train and part by car.

I like 9. you should do it, I doubt your husband would ob<x>ject ;)