My List - For What It's Worth.

- Have sex with a pregnant woman (again)

- DVP with my wife (again)

- Go to a sexual house party

- Spend an entire day with being the first for a virgin woman, showing her sensual, compassionate, delicate, yet passionate and powerful pleasures of sex.

- Make a pornographic film with my wife

- Go to a swingers resort with my wife (not just a local club)

- Use food as a sex toy more often.

- Use sex toys more often.

- Taste breast milk from the source in an erotic way.

- Share more stories - tastefully.

- Have sex outside

- Have sex in a pool (again)

- Have sex with a woman while she's still asleep (with her consent)

- Be woken up to a woman having sex with me

- Have sex with a strong, tall, dominant woman.

- Talk dirty during sex more often.

- Role play

- Engage in some bondage play.

- Have a woman squirt in my mouth when she ****.

(may add more as I think of them)
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Jul 12, 2011