My List

My wish list is so simple compared to others, but here goes:


1. CFNM - A group of women and me

2. ********** in front of a woman I do not know

3. Group ************

4. Receive oral sex from a woman I just met

5. Have an all day sex-athon with my childhood sweetheart

6. Try to help another EP'er with their list

ArkansasJim ArkansasJim
4 Responses Mar 2, 2010

:) I've been wanting to reverse your #4 ... give oral sex to a woman I just met. I've been thinking about what a fun and thrilling experience it would be to talk a total stranger (preferably an older woman ... more experienced but also more inhibited and less likely to have ever done this sort of wild thing) into leaving the grocery store (or other mundane place) and receiving an oral ******.

;-) Bend over Arkansas...I'll be gentle *wink* hehehe! You're going to like it!

You know you were on my mind Pix! lol

LOL!! I like #6, that's great! ;-)