Here It Is.... Not As Interesting As Some!


  • Learn Kama Sutra positions with my man and practice each one to perfection.

  • Don’t stop with the positions…study the whole guide to improve our communication. (Like this is possible.)

  • Break one of my list of taboos.  Let him decide which one.

  • Redo one act I didn’t enjoy with a previous partner. Make new memories with him.  Did it really suck or was it just the partner?

  • Go on an adventure date(s).  skinny-dipping, mountain-climbing, hiking, hot air balloon ride.  Do it on location!!! Been there and done this but want more.

  • Buy more costumes for role playing.

  • Give games a sexual twist and play together.

  • Buy a ******** pole for the bedroom and use it regularly.

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27 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Thanks ironman.

My wife is awesome at giving games a sexual twist. Fun list FG - I've been wanting to try the costumes/role play bit out ... I'll need to add that one to my actual list!



thanks doll.

LOL not many but a few.

You have taboos? News to me, girl. lol


No I ain't into snuff lol.

I am sorry!!!! Never say never. Maybe you will get lucky lol. (pun certainly intended.))

:) You made me smile once again.

No, just truthful.

Awwww you are just being so sweet to me.

I think he got the better deal on that one.

Awwww thank you Stony. I am sure he envies all of you because you don't have to put up with me all the time.

Great list. I envy someone.

Go take a look at the other lists I found and posted in the to do list.

LMAO....I was just talking about that list trying to decide which one is going to be the sweetest taboo.

I'd like to see your list of taboos as I am sure others here would too.... *wink* ;-)


FG, I do love the way you think.

The last one might give you better lung power too! '-)

:) will do.

I actually have a raunchy list of acts I would like to perform but not going to post that one Mike LOL I will leave it to imagination.<br />
<br />
Pen, Sounds like a plan

geez thot you'd have a "juicier" to do list. at least you are brave enuf to post your list. Not me, even tho i do have some wild ones, most are better left as fanatasies. Some tend to snowball.

how about hiding the list in a fun place on your body..<br />
or writing the list on your body in edible paint and having him lick it off

I am just excites about the possibilities. I make a lot of to do lists and was going through them last night, I posted more of them in the "to do" list group. I even found my list of importance for my future hubby. I wrote it over 15 years ago.