My Sexual To Do "bucket List".

1.  Find a woman to have sex with.

2.  Find a woman who is willing to have strap on sex with me as the receiver.

3.  Find a woman young enough who would be interested in having "period" sex.

4.  Find a woman who would like to experiment in some D/s play.

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14 Responses Mar 3, 2010

daiseydays...I've been lucky enough to find a woman that I've done all but number 3. Although we just missed by a few days and she was quite willing to save for me and present to me two of her filled tampons. Not quite as good as getting it directly from the source, but it was very pleasant.

Alone...I think the reason about number 3 is the stigma that has always been placed on menstruation. The other reason is that I love giving oral during that time. From my first experience with period sex, I was addicted. I agree that period sex is a lot more fun than two motrin. :-)

I've never really understood why other women hesitate over your number 3. It might be a bit messy, but an ****** is the best cure I've found for cramps and irritability! And a lot more fun than two motrin. :-)

Lost...I'll add more. The list is nowhere near complete.<br />
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blackduck...I believe I have found her. And the pleasurable thing is, I will be meeting her in person, not just in a digital world, but in the flesh.

She's out there - maybe closer than you think. Keep searching!

LostInContemplation...I think I may have found just what I'm looking for. She is open to trying all that I have listed, so I'm going to have to add more to my bucket list.

Thanks MrGreg. You're absolutely correct. Finding the #1has always been the hardest, but I know that I will find someone. They're out there and looking just as we are. It's just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. And I understand about the left hand, although I don't get as much pleasure from that as I once did.

Yes; all of these things on here sound great; but it goes back to the no. 1; finding someone; thats hard enough; then to find someone thats open to everything. Thats the tough part. I cant find anyone other than my left hand these days...much less find someone thats willing to try different things...

Thanks pixelita.

I'll be sure to let you know risen! :-)

Buckroo...You should go back and read #1, again.

Well arent you the shy one! Now stop youve got to open up and tell us what you really want!

Thanks pixelita. Before I can accomplish the last three, I have to find number 1. So far I haven't accomplished and it's not because I haven't been looking. If you know anyone, such as who I'm looking for, send her my way.

I think those are pretty reasonable requests!!! You shouldn't have much trouble knocking that list out risenphoenix! :-)