After dropping all of my “want my wife” ones – I have a top 10 list for me!

1.  Go on a nude/swingers’ cruise or vacation for a week … nothing in the suitcase but toiletries and toys!
2.  Participate in an extreme dogging experience.
3.  Give a bareback ride.
4.  Talk a woman into leaving a mundane task to slip out and receive an oral ******.  (guys are too easy!)
5.  Sex on the wet part of the beach where the waves are finishing.
6.  Be led into a party on a collar and leash and submit to whatever the holder of the leash requests of me. (hopefully the leash will change hands a number of times!)
7.  Find out how many F’s (ffm) are needed to orally pleasure me to completion.
8.  Make love in a raft floating in the middle of a lake.
9.  Participate in a coed circle jerk.
10.  Heteroflexible ****.
I left out sex on Ecstasy since I doubt I'll ever feel like risking drug use again.

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8 Responses Mar 6, 2010

Ok, I am on board with #10 too - thanks for putting together the list, now I don't have to.

Horny group of mixed genders seeking sexual/sensual pleasure with no regard to who or what.

I was with you through nine.<br />
<br />
What is #10?

:) I thought #9 might be the hardest to pull off.

Hmmmm.....#9 has caught my eye! hehehe! ;-)

What a list...<br />
<br />
Very interesting,especially #4 and 5 ....Hope it all happens for you :)

Yes, #8 (raft) might get us a bit wet! :) But those sorts of sexual catastrophies are the ones that you laugh about for years and years! <br />
<br />
Yes, it's been awhile since we've chatted! Busy worlds.

What a charming list m2bf!! Hi by the way - haven't "spoken" in ages. I particularly liked number 6 - that would be a lot of fun - hope you get to do it someday soon - perhaps the first step would be to buy the missus a collar in your size as a hint! Number 8 would also be wonderful but I know I'd end up in the water!!