Wish List and Past Wishes Fulfilled

My sexual TO DO LIST proposes activities not yet experienced, but I thought it might be well to list first those "experiences" I have already enjoyed.  Here goes:

Sexual Firsts

1. First sexual experience was receiving ******** from a female customer on my newspaper route when I was 14.  This was repeated several times over a period of many months.

2. First sexual intercourse with a close friend of the family (a woman friend of my mother) when I was 15.

3. First same sex experience in a pup tent while on a boy scout camping trip.  Propositioned by an older boy who *********** me and sucked my penis, then made me suck him.  I was 15.

4. First FMF ********* with my wife and her bisexual girlfriend.  We later divorced, though shared sex was not the issue.

5. First sex with strangers happened at a hotel during a business trip when I met a couple in the hotel bar who invited me to their room.  This bisexual experience was the longest sexual encounter of my life to date.  It continued uninterrupted for over four hours.

6. First sex with a woman while her disabled and impotent husband watched and photographed (2012).

To Do List

1. Meet a woman on the internet and arrange for a sexual weekend at an upscale hotel.

2. Arrange for a MFM ********* that includes a bisexual male.

3. Create a massage club for couples and singles where members take turns receiving full body massages from the other members.  Club meetings would not include vaginal or oral sex on site, but massages would be sensual ending in ****** for all recipients. (February 2013: Club is now up and running in Columbus, OH.  Struggled to get it started, but we now are up to 10 regular members with dozens of emails expressing interest.  Four are female and six are males - two of which are bisexual.)

4. I would like to receive a prostate massage will receiving oral sex.

5. I would like to perform anal sex on a willing woman.  (Accomplished this in 2012 with a woman at her request - 12 years older than me, and called me son.)

6. I would like to role play both dominant and submissive (master and slave) including light bondage with a woman or MF couple.

7. I would like to have sex with two women simultaneously.  (If they are bisexual that would be a plus.)

8. I think it would be fun to have sex in a semi-public location (e.g. in the back row of a movie theater, in the woods at a state park.) 

lingalong lingalong
51-55, M
Mar 10, 2010