Harder Than I Thought..

1. more sex

2. less talk (joke)

3. ok, Im drawing a blank here..there is no No. 3

4. girl(s) wearing ski boots

5. I'm out of ideas? Already?? Ok, I need to put a little more time and effort into this..its pathetic, and I didnt even mean the one about ski boots..that was another joke..how hard is it to write a list?

6. Twins..I have always wanted to make it with twins..whew..so that's one..

7. Airplane..join the mile high club...

senorlucky senorlucky
41-45, M
3 Responses Mar 31, 2010

Ohhhhh......the mile high club! I forgot about that!!!! I need to add that to my list! Thanks for reminding me senor! :-)

oh BOK BOK, LR..

hey hey..take it easy on me..im just finding it harder than I thought to come up with valid items for my to do list..I thought it would be easy..