Gifts From My Dad

One year my Dad told my Mom that he was going to pick out the gifts for me and my three sisters.
One sister got field glasses,
one got fishing poles and all the tackle,
one got a Lowe's gift certificate.
I got a chainsaw!
I had no trees.
After we opened them, he puffed his chest out, so proud, and said, "I picked those out."
I love Dad.
someonegotmyname someonegotmyname
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3 Responses Dec 15, 2012

Well, I guess it could have been meant for one of my sisters.
The other three got field glasses, a Lowes gift cert., and fishing poles with all the tackle. Do you think he really wanted sons?

Guess I already said that. Nevermind...

That's pretty funny......Maybe he got the name tags mixed up....