Old Friend

I am talkin to my old friend from high school. we lost touch for awhile this is part of the talk that we had. This happened lastnight to this morring as you's can tell I cut most of the talk out but her is some of it

Me (9:30:25 PM): do u miss ur ex(my ex bestfriend)

My friend (9:30:48 PM): believe it or not i was wonderin what ever happend to her

Me (9:31:09 PM): do u still have feelings for her

My Friend (9:31:22 PM): no why do u talk to her still

Me (9:31:47 PM): her number got cut off

Me (9:32:00 PM): she n her sis has a kid now

My friend (9:32:16 PM): she does damn is she married

Me (9:33:10 PM): no she is not

My friend (9:33:17 PM): got a bf

Me (9:33:22 PM): no

My friend (9:33:33 PM):  where does she live have u seen her

Me (9:33:49 PM): not in the city

My friend (9:33:56 PM):  i mean just wonderin  maybe we could all hang out

Me (9:34:13 PM): she lives 3 hrs away from here

Me (9:34:56 PM): g2g My sis wants me to go over there she don't live that far away from me

My friend (9:34:59 PM): damn does she drive or does she come to visit does she have a comp

Me (9:35:07 PM): no to all

My Friend (9:35:33 PM): s*it  when was the last time u saw her and where abouts does she live

Me (9:35:57 PM): can we finsh talking about this later my sis wants me to go to her house

My friend (9:36:22 PM): could u just tell me that quick and will u be on  later tonight

Me (9:37:18 PM): i will be on later i can't remember when i saw her last i think it was when i was with mike she lives up state

My friend (9:38:20 PM): up state like where pottstown area up that way or like harrisburg

me (9:38:37 PM): some city

me (9:38:43 PM): the last time i knew

my friend (9:38:47 PM): that isn't that far away

me (9:38:59 PM): it's about 2 to 3 hrs away

my friend (9:39:05 PM):  do u know where about there she lives cause i bet i could get my best friend to  take us up there

me friend (9:39:34 PM): what do u say

me (9:39:48 PM): i dont' know the address

my friend (9:40:38 PM): there is no way u could get it or contact her at all

me (9:40:59 PM): we can talk about this later i'm going to go to my sis's now

My friend (11:46:05 PM): yup so what were we talkin bout before u left hun

my friend (11:46:13 PM): ur ex(my ex bestfriend)

my friend (11:46:45 PM): so there is no way u could get ahold of her so we all could chill sometime

me(11:47:21 PM): no her phone n her sis's cell is cut off and i don't know her address

my friend (11:48:26 PM): well do u think they might get turned back on

me (11:48:52 PM): if the do she will call me cell

my friend (11:49:17 PM): u have their number right

 why not trying them

me (11:49:36 PM): i tryed it last week

My friend (11:49:46 PM):  nothing yet

My friend(11:50:03 PM):  if u want try again in a couple of days

Me (11:50:28 PM): do u still have feelings for her

My friend (11:50:50 PM): nope i just wanna see what she looks like now and to chill

Me (11:51:23 PM): its still cut off n her sis's cell is not in service right now i just tryed it

Me (11:51:24 PM): k

My friend(11:51:34 PM): does she have feeling for me

me (11:51:46 PM): idk

me (11:51:52 PM): i don't think so

my friend (11:51:56 PM):  + i like u lol

me (11:52:36 PM): what?

my friend (11:52:53 PM):  what do u mean what lol so whats on ya mind hehe

me (11:53:12 PM): what do u mean u like me?

my friend (11:53:26 PM): exactly what it says lol

me (11:53:42 PM): what u like me more then a friend

me (11:53:43 PM): ?

my friend (11:54:31 PM):  why don't u like me;;)

me (11:55:02 PM): answer my ? 1st i asked 1st

my friend (11:55:09 PM): it could be possibable why u ask

me (11:55:44 PM): be honest wit me do u

my friend (11:56:27 PM): i'll make u a deal u tell me if u would ever consider it and how u feel about me and i'll tell u the honest to god truth

me (11:56:41 PM): i think u do

My friend (11:57:00 PM): answer my question and u will find out

Me (11:57:12 PM): i ask u 1st

him (11:57:12 PM): lol

me (11:57:22 PM): so u can anwser mine 1st

me (11:57:33 PM): then i will give u my anwser

him (11:58:12 PM): ok fine yes  couldnt u tell all those times i used to pick on u lol now how do u feel and give me ur answer

him (11:59:10 PM): now ur answer

him (11:59:21 PM):  are  u speechless

me (11:59:49 PM): i thought u used to pick on me for the fun of it. I like u as a FRIEND and u went out wit my best friend(at that time) so it wouldn't work. i'm still friends wit her

him (12:00:13 AM): well that was a long time ago

me (12:00:17 AM): ik

him (12:00:28 AM):  and u don't see her anyway

me (12:00:37 AM): so we r still friends

me (12:00:50 AM): i went down this road before

him (12:00:59 AM): i know just like i think i am still her frend

me (12:01:50 AM): i went out wit my friends ex and she got hurt in the process i'm not doing that again

me (12:02:33 AM): i asked her if it was k she said yes but as time went by she got hurt

him (12:02:57 AM): ok but first of all it's been like 4 or more years since we dated and also i haven't seen here since school  just forget it then sorry i ever said anything we are still friends

me (12:02:58 AM): even though she hurt me in the past i'm not goin to do that to her

me (12:03:31 AM): it's kool if u feel that way u can't help it i'm not mad or ne thing

me (12:03:33 AM): it's kool

me (12:03:48 AM): y do u like me more then friends anyways

him (12:04:09 AM): since i have no chance at u  could u help hook me up

him (12:04:15 AM):  honestly i

him (12:04:24 AM): ve always thought u were cool and

him (12:04:40 AM):  cute but was afraid to say something cause i thought u wouln

him (12:04:42 AM): t liike me

me (12:04:51 AM): u know me and ur best friend went out for 1 day right

me (12:05:13 AM): u should have said something back then

him (12:05:41 AM): like i said i was afraid to cause i thought u would blow me off

him (12:05:48 AM):  and not talk to me any more

me (12:06:31 AM): sometimes u got to take chances and for that i wouldn't have blown u off i'm not that type of person my parnets teached me better

him (12:07:00 AM): and i thought that u would say i wasn't ur type

me (12:07:32 AM): u liked me before u went out wit ur ex or when u were going wit ur ex

me (12:07:43 AM): ?

him (12:08:25 AM): kinda  but it wasn't until after we broke up and u dated ur ex

me (12:08:47 AM): u didn't like me going out wit my ex

him (12:09:06 AM): i know cause i knew he was playin u

him (12:09:25 AM): but didn't say nothin cause i knew he would get mad at me

me (12:09:27 AM): y didn't u tell me he was playing me

me (12:09:41 AM): i had to find out from ur ex

me (12:10:02 AM): i kinda knew that he was playin me before ur ex said something to me

him (12:10:14 AM): did she also tell u and ur ex went out

me (12:10:48 AM): she knew me and my ex was going out

him (12:11:02 AM): she went out with my ex

me (12:11:06 AM): when?

him (12:11:24 AM):  she dumped me for ur ex

him (12:11:35 AM):  i don't know if they f*cked or anything

me (12:11:39 AM): r u 4 real?

him (12:11:50 AM): i swear to god

me (12:11:55 AM): so she went out wit him before i did

him (12:11:56 AM):  on my fathers grave

me (12:11:58 AM): ?

me (12:12:11 AM): or when i was going out wit him??

him (12:12:13 AM): i don't know if it was before u or during u

him (12:12:28 AM): i don't remember exactly

him (12:12:38 AM):  but that's when i stopped talkin to her

him (12:12:47 AM): cause she did me wrong like that

me (12:13:15 AM): i think it was during me cuz i wounder how she knew where he was and she was also wit him

me (12:13:39 AM): but she told me it was some1 else i can't remember exactly too

him (12:13:56 AM): it was j during u

him (12:14:19 AM): and they tried to sneak behind my back

him (12:14:24 AM):  and they got caught

me (12:14:27 AM): the next time i talk to her she is goin to get a peace of my mind

me (12:14:40 AM): y didn't u tell me if i knew that i would have to u

him (12:15:14 AM): honestly like i said i didn't wanna start s*it but that is the truth u didn't sleep with j did u

Me (12:15:24 AM): h*ll no

me (12:15:27 AM): y

me (12:15:28 AM): ?

him (12:15:37 AM): i was just wonderin

me (12:15:46 AM): so what a true friend would have told no matter WHAT

me (12:16:23 AM): i know she went out wit j after i did

him (12:16:25 AM): i know  but like i said if i would have told u that then and told u how i feel u wouldhave just thought i was tryin to break you 2 up

me (12:16:59 AM): that's kinda true

me (12:17:07 AM): i wish u would have

me (12:17:13 AM): he an a*shole

him (12:17:58 AM): and i bet them 2 slept together

me (12:18:07 AM): i do too

me (12:20:24 AM): what was the reason she told u that she was breaking up wit u

me (12:20:28 AM): lol i can't remember

him(12:21:13 AM): she never told me but the same day  we  broke up i swear her and j f*cked

me (12:21:23 AM): omg

me(12:22:01 AM): i know the reason y she broke up wit u

him (12:22:08 AM):  why

me (12:22:49 AM): her brother sister mom and her said that u stunck and that's y she broke up wit u

me (12:23:31 AM): remember at that time me n her WERE bestfriends we told eachother EVERYTHING

him (12:24:01 AM): that  is bull s*it she told u a lie cause the same day we broke up her and j was together 

me (12:24:19 AM): that's what she told me

him (12:24:28 AM): she was full of it

me (12:24:36 AM): and she still is
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friends from our youth are those that seem to best understand us, those that stick around through it ALL, those who don't scare easily, the ones you can disagree with and make up with in the same conversation, the ones you can talk to once a year and pick up as if you spoke yesterday ... OLD friends are wonderful and they are worth the effort to keep! ... usually ...