How Do I Tell Him. ?

Last summer I had a fling with this Guy, he was good friends with my Cousins. 
Well later that year I found out that he's a Man ***** &Hasn't been checked in yrs !
Well shortly before I found that out, I started messing around with another guy, who I'm starting to fall in love with ; he is the true definition of a Gentleman (:
But Anyways ; There's a possibility that I could have an STD but I don't know how to tell the New guy in my Life that I could have infected him also ): 
I don't know what to do .. 
Tell him now that there's a chance we both could have something .. ?
Or wait until I get tested &depending on the outcome tell him then .. ?
I'm scared I'm going to lose him over this ):
18-21, F
4 Responses May 14, 2012

well go get tested.. no point in telling him and scaring him if you dont have anything.. also start using protection for the time while you wait for all your results

Im a man and Id just tell him you really like him and that youve both had sex before and if your both serious about each other you wanna both get tested.I wouldnt bring up the other guy.

Keep communication open its one of the most important thing. But get checked first no need worrying him if you don't have too.

#1 get yourself tested ....<br />
#2 depending on the outcome.....tell him quick or tell him slow, but tell him if you have an std...<br />
#3 What you did before you met and slept with him is your business, did he tell you what he did before he met and slept with you??