Biggest Frustration? My Skin!!!

hi guys, i'm 32 yrs old, i'm a Filipina, i have SM since i was 13 it started to came out more as i aged. right now i have it around my neck, chest, armpit, abdomen area, lower arms, back, butt and at the back of my thighs. i have few on my neck and armpits. but i have a lot of noticeable cyst on my abdomen area, lower arms and the back of my thighs. I really hate this condition, but there's nothing i can do with it, it really makes my life miserable ang frustrating for having this. Even my social activity was affected because of this, i avoid going out ang socialize with my friends or other people because i'm afraid they might notice it and ask about it. We know that there are a lot of mean people who'll just make fun of this condition, simply because they didn't know what's it like if you have this. this week i'll go to my derma to remove cyst on my neck, i've done this treatment a few years before, fortunately it doesn't leave any scars on my skin. i'm optimistic that our scientist could develop more options on treating this kind of disease. do you guys ever feel the same way like i did? it's kind a relief knowing i'm not the only one dealing with it, that i could talk to someone who could understand what i feel.
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Hi Flaws 14!<br />
<br />
I just wrote my own SM I read yours. I know it is horrible and disgusting. Do you also ***** them with a needle by yourself, like me? <br />
I know, Its like a addiction to me. Like if its going away forever.. i know...they do not...<br />
Hang on are not alone...<br />
Love, Sabina. -28 year old girl from The Netherlands-

hi flowers, thanks for your comment, i appreciate it. yes, i got my SM from my father. Still thankful to God coz' my cyst are not as dominant like his. he died when he was 37, i know if he's still with us right now he would feel sorry for me for what i'm going through right now. But i don't blame him for this, i know that he doesn't want to have this, if we only have the choice, and my mom told me what he'd been through just to look for the cure.<br />
Yes, there's a lot of reason for me to be thankful to the Lord, especially for giving me such a wonderful husband who accept me for being me, for having a loving son that makes me feel complete. Although there is a fear in me that what if someday my son would have it too, i certainly hope not, and that's what i always pray for, i don't want him to experience such a thing. right now he's skin seemed good, but i guess it's too early to say, this condition shows in puberty stage.<br />
I'm also afraid to have a child again, i just told God that its better for me not to have another child again than to have one that would suffer the way i did. <br />
Till here and thank you again to your comment! God Bless!