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Hey everyone. I think I've had this cognition for 12 years. The cysts have appeared over the years and I've always been too afraid to go to the doctor about it, didn't really know what it was. Just thought it was acne. I recently went to a dermatologist and they diagnosed it with SM. did some research and the dermatologist suggested I take medication accutane. Heard that was bad. Haven't found ANYONE who can surgically treat it in the Greater Seattle area.

I'm wondering if anyone is on the west coast and can suggest a doctor?
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Hi, I am also on the west coast but in Vancouver, I am wondering if you found any more information!

I don't know anyone in your area but I have gone to the universities here in California. I like UC San Francisco the best. They have a great dermatology dept. I went through "Grand Rounds" there where they bring doctors from the outlying areas to see patients with diseases like sm and then do a round table to come up with new ideas for treatment. The department head knew of a derm in my area and suggested and I see her and he also hooked me up with a plastic surgeon at UC Davis medical school. My local derm and UC Davis have done a good job of keeping me going.

Can you forward me your doctor's/plastic surgeon's contact information? I'd like to see what they can do for me, or if they know of anyone else in my area.

Hey cantfixit. Can you send me the contact info for your dermatologist and plastic surgeon in UC Davis? I haven't gotten anywhere with the doctors here.