I would very much like to get to know my step children, but the evil ex makes it difficult.  She convinced my hubby(her ex) to move out of state when they got together.  STUPID.  Then they had kids.  Got married briefly.  And got divorced.  He moved back to his hometown.  She can't seem to understand he left her not the kids.  Even though we're married, she refuses to let him take the kids.  He just wants them through the summer.  She won't allow it.  Yet his mother who also lives in another state gets his kids for the summer!!!  How effed up is that? 

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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

Doesn't the Court have anything to say about his visitation? If he really wants to see them -- let the Court's take care of it!! Don't wait till they get older and brainwashed like my husband's have become. Best of luck to you!! Believe me, I feel for you.