2 to Be Exact...

This story should be linked to the clumsy group as well. 

I don't really remember the age I was, but I'll tell you about the FIRST time I stepped on a nail! :-D

I was playing hide and seek with my friends.. I'm guessing I was about 7 or so...anyway, I was hiding behind my gma's chimney (the big brick square column that goes all the way to the ground).  Behind this chimney section was a huge glass jar like 5 gallons maybe...I thought it would be smart instead of risking getting seen while moving the jar, I'd just stand on top of it with both feet, so I did.

Well, I did...but not for long because my feet both slipped off the jar at the same time and onto a board that was under the jar with 2 nails sticking up on both sides of the jar.  So, yep...I'm just THAT lucky - - - Both of my feet fell at the exact locations to run a nail in both feet right in the arches at the same time. 

Being that I had "nailed" myself to a board, I couldn't even get myself off the nail so I had to stay stuck there until my uncle heard me screaming and came out and had to lift me up and off of the nails.  That was no fun at all! The following weeks of salt soaks weren't exactly fun either..:-S

guardedgirl guardedgirl
36-40, F
Jul 27, 2009