I Have Stolen And She Doesnt Know Yet

Me and my cousin stole 15 dollars from my aunt (his mom) and she doesnt know yet. We owed my friends money and thats the only way i could get money. I do want to tell her but im scared that we will get in trouble. My aunt hates people who steal. and i dont know what will happen when she finds out.please help me if i should tell her or not. anything would help.
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Confess. Accept the consequences. It may be frustrating to decide between doing the right thing, and keeping you out of trouble, but you should know in your heart that God will forgive for your sins, and you should use your mistakes as a lesson to not do it again.

You did it, and you know it dear. Your aunt hates stealing and will likely punish you. But, she loves you and will be disciplining to teach you not to steal, not because she hates you. Don't live with the guilt till she catches you it will only make things worse.
She will respect you more if you come forward, apologize and accept your punishment. Hugs

thank you i told her and shes mad about it and we have to work for it back. my cousin is getting his first and im next in about 10 minutes im scared because i hate getting in trouble

I am proud of you! It takes a lot of courage to admit when you have done something wrong. Good Job!

im happy that i told them but now im sitting here in pain

It's over now. All is forgiven Hugs

yeah but we still are grounded until we both pay back. 15 dollars each

Sorry about that

have any ideas how i can do that i have to by friday..... :(

Will your Aunt let you work it off?

im not sure actually im not even sappose to be on my laptop right now i think she will make us work for it or actually make us sell stuff. I hope she doesnt because i like all my stuff.

I understand that.

ok now im really mad. i finnally got $10 to pay my aunt back and my cousin has $5 and he took my money! what do i do now i have to pay her back by tomarrow my uncle said that till friday is way to long for that. What should i do.

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i will try when she gets home from work......thanks for the luck ill need it.

you should tell her because shes gonna find out one way or the other and given that she is your aunt the best thing to do is tell her and face the consequences - you may be punished for it but your punishment would be worse if she finds out on her own

thanks yeah it would have been worse i still got in big trouble though but i did tell her