Ex Boyfriend

so i dated this guy a long time ago and he was such a **** to me i mean he would hit me and yell at me when i did the littlest things like i accidently spilled something and he would yell at me for fifteen minutes and he was always calling me a stupid *****. Anyway one day i was over his house and i did something 'wrong' and hit me a few times then spent twenty minutes telling me i would never amount to anything that i would always be a loser and a reject and blah . i asked him why he was still dating then and he decided i was being smart which okay i was but he had it coming anyway he ended up giving me a black eye then going to take a shower while i thought about what i did. well i did think about what happened but not the way he wanted and i decided to get revenge so i ransacked his whole house, i took everything i could, watches, spare change his mom's jewlery, whatever i didn't even care. when he got out he demanded to know what the hell i was thinking i told him it was over and left. of course he tried to stop me but i kicked him in the balls and left.
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

Good for you for leaving but not stealing that was not a good thing his Mom and dad did nothing to you. His dad should taught his son A lot better how to treat a young lady!