Nyc Late Nite Hotel Rm Party...

A few yrs back I was @ a party after hours that moved to a 7th floor hotel rm dwntwn...after 2am...all women had left but one woozy mini skirted bimbo who stumbled around but was really hot looking.she got the attention of one of our ethnic brethren from a small island to the south and he trapped her in the bthrm lifting her skirt as he pinned her down in front of a few of us!as he unbuckled his pants she tried to fight him off unsuccessfully,but in total one budged an inch an obviously considered the act part of the eve s entertainment! Undetoured I faced off w/the would be,and fought him on all 7 floors,the lobby, and prkng lot before the cops got there and locked his *** kicking and screaming in the trunk of their cruiser!I got 2 black eyes and pissed my parents off coming home all tattered,listening to their speech on why I shouldn't have been there...even tho,..I was...anyway,I knew I did the right thing and found it somewhat revealing that no empathy existed on the
raquel7 raquel7
41-45, M
Jan 11, 2013