I Stopped Dreaming


I don’t know why and I don’t know if the fact I had surgery is the reason but I have stopped dreaming.

I had surgery on the 18th of December last year and from then on whenever I sleep I don’t dream, I’ve also stopped talking in my sleep or making any type of sound when I’m asleep its very strange for me I have always dreamed and make some type of sounds during my sleep but its going on to 3 months now that and during that time I have had 1 dream and I did think that maybe I would start dreaming again but it hasn’t worked that way so I just hope that I start dreaming again, they do say if you dream you are more likely to sleep better and at the moment I am sleeping like crap

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I think that people stop dreaming because they've had a traumatizing experience or they're unhappy or upset in some way, but that's just a guess. I stopped dreaming in July 2008 and I haven't had a single dream since then and I don't think it's a coincidence that that month my parents just happened to divorce. My mom thought I had a sleep disorder because I haven't slept well since then either unless I'm on medication, but the doctors found nothing at all. Did you feel upset or something like that after the surgery?? This is the only reason I can think of, if this isn't it I have no clue, sorry.

TI did talk to the doctors while I was in the hospital and they gave me these sleeping pills that made me sleep for about 2 hours then I was awake for the rest of the night it was insane and then I went and spoke to my GP and she doesn’t know whets going on with me she is worried that I’m not getting enough sleep but she doesn’t want me on sleeping pills because I have enough chemicals in my body already she just said try napping and maybe the dreaming will come back but if that doesn’t work she hasn’t told me any more options yethank you for your comment

Have you spoken to your doctor about this, could it be related to the actual surgery? Perhaps it is just taking time for your body to heal and your sleep pattern will return to normal once you have fully recovered.

Thank you for your comment, I stopped taking all the stuff the day I got out I was even taken off some of my normal tablets the fact is that the night of the surgery was the last time I had a decent night sleep , and I’ve stopped snoring as well so my whole sleeping thing has changed

Apparently we always dream, whether we can recall them or not. <br />
Are you still on medication? That usually has an effect on your ability to remember dreams.