They'll Be Written.

I can't force them out, and some aren't clear to me yet. But sometimes I'll have a billion stories that I want to write at once, but I can't. I'm ony one person. Also, I don't have all day. But they're gonna be written down. I have much to share. They'll come to me in time. I still have some left pilled up ready to be put to words. So I'll get to writing them when I have the time.

I love writing my stories on here. But you won't get to read all of them. Some are for me only, or me and the people closest to me. I will write them all. Mayne on papers put in a box to never be read by anyone, maybe on EP for everyone to read. They'll be out there somewhere.
bluecupcakes bluecupcakes
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2013