The Demon Inside Me?

For the past two days now i have been having dreams about a man in a black suit with a black top hat on. This man, with his black downward-facing spiky hair and pointy grin will look at me with his profound eyes and chuckle. His left arm is behind his back while his right is holding the top of a pointy cane adorned with a skull on top, but this cane does not touch the ground yet he can still lean on it. In my dreams he will lift his hand from his cane and wave his finger at me an say, "No, No, No." and chuckle while his cane is still sitting in mid air. Then, as he will place his hand back onto his cane the entire dream changes and all will be fine again. The second night though my dream began as I was walking down a seemingly endless hallway with a carpet that had pentagrams on it that seemed to go down half the hallway. On the blood-red walls was a picture with two faceless silouettes. I continued to walk down the hall and the man appeared again, standing on a pentagram outlined in red which looked like it had been roughly drawn, and waved his finger but this time he screamed the words, " NO, NO, NO!!!" and the dream completely changed again. I believe that this man is a depiction of my pent up hatred and despair that has built up during the years that my mind has created due to a combination of depression and anxiety as well as loneliness. Does anyone else experience this man/women in black with an evil grin preventing you from finding something out, and does anyone know how to defeat this "thing"? I have drawn a picture of what I remember of him, but for some reason I cant upload it onto my computer from my phone.
Drakkir Drakkir
13-15, M
Jul 4, 2010