Maybe Someone Can Translate?

its starts out I’m running from something on a college campus parking deck that I went to and inside the deck is allot of construction wooden frames and many many doors, I am scared and I’m running straight to one of the sides where in a parking deck has basically windows and as I am running to this window I notice a boy in the corner of my right eye, and look at him he’s about 50ft away he’s hunched over almost like a child playing with a stick in the sand is the only way I can explain it, he is in all white and has a darker color blonde hair than I almost a sandy blonde in this case ,and I stop and look but my left contact is blurry, and I stop looking at him and towards the “windows” and take my contact out, and my contact is in the shape of a rectangle, and has right on it instead of left b/c it’s my left contact. I go to put it in and look again the boy has vanished.
I go outside these frames, and end up on the top of the parking deck, there are more frames and I’m looking at them but its weird b/c its set up almost like a wedding cake with three layers a big layer and middle and a small layer. The bottom layer is complete and has its wood siding on it and I end up jumping on it, and I am staring at the “middle” layer and the top, the top has stairs that lead nowhere, and I have many male family members working on it, I go in and out of the frames and I look down below this high architecture and look down on three different occasions and the first time it’s a city the second time it’s a swamp the third time it’s a different city, I go back in to the frames and I look at the stairs again and go up them they completely just drop off they go NO where. I go back down to the bottom where it was all closed off and go inside.
Inside this place are many doors again, I enter one room with many many sofas and there are so many sofas that they are all touching, I see my ex sprawled out on one passed out, and before I even approach him, my father comes to me and I say “the hotel is coming together nicely dad” and he replies “this is actually going to be our home not hotel, and goes there’s 7 rooms and there is 7 in our family go choose your room”
I am surprised and I go through another door and end up on a back porch that has a wrap around side porch, and I go lay down on the side porch with my head hanging off, the air smells nature like, and every around the porch is all swamp and many trees. I light up a smoke and look out to see what I can see while still pretty much hanging upside down. I look and see the same boy swinging on a two seated swing hanging in mid air not from anything and I try to get his attention this time and the whole time he is in all white and in the fetal position. My mother comes out.
She sits on a swing on the front porch and starts calling my name while I’m still entranced by this boy, and I continue smoking (I am a smoker in real life and my mother doesn’t know that). I say yes mom, she goes I want to ask you something and as she says that I look at her and say yeah and proceed to get up off the porch I was laying on, and I look back to see the boy is gone and there is a monkey well lemur with the same color hair as the boy had and I give a confused look and I continue over to my mom and she asks me do I see things the way most people do I go mom idk what your talking about and she goes well I notice that sometimes your eyes seem to glaze over and you stare off into a trance and I go no mom and give her a confused look? She goes nvm oh btw your friend left his pet snake here for the week for you to watch hes in a box in your room the snake was giving me and your father massive problems, and as she tells me this I hear noise in the bushes and notice a **** load of alligators coming. They are all about 8 ft long and I tell my mom to run b/c they are all are making their way to the porch. And I jump off and land right beside one and it does kinda like a cat does and nuzzles my leg with its snout and says pretty much pet me and I take off running to the stairs to the porch and I go up the stairs and I look over to see my mom feeding many alligators bread I shake my head and go through the door.
When I go in its set up like my house and I continue to my room I look around my room in a counter clock wise direction. There is a regular fishtank that is in my room in real life, that is between my bed and wall. I look beside it on the floor is another tank smaller in a hexagon shape that pretty much has a doggie doorfor my small dog, and then beside it is a tank on a stand that’s in a square shape it has a screen in it laying diagonally across it. And has many dead spiders in it and webs. I continue to look around the room and I see a black tent over my window and it has the friend of whom my mother said he wanted me to watch his snake and he goes shhh you didn’t see me,(he was wearing a tight black shirt and blue jeans, and gets back in the tent) I stop at that point from looking. And I go to my bed again
On my night stand is a security box . I open it and in is something black and before I blinked it was already on me it was a Bright green tree snake I go to take it off and examine it. I am holding it as someone would hold a baby while taking professional baby pictures and as I look at it its probably a foot and a half around and about 7 ft long. And I feel something on its belly and I flip it over and look it has legs so I flip it over and start screaming this isn’t a snake it’s a komodo dragon and it is but it has fur, which is solid purple with blue square dots on it and I scream it and look over to the friend and he’s like it’s a snake and gets back in the tent. I look in a clock wise direction this time, and there is another hexagonal tank that has a HUGE tarantula and I say hello frankly to him. And there was another huge square tank beside it but the water was so murky I couldn’t see in it. And I also noticed a black door on the other side of it, which in real life my room doesn’t have a closest so no doors but the one in and out and its located in a different spot and it also brown. But I look back at the creature and start petting it, but I pet its fur in an opposite direction it was silver in color. I keep screaming it’s a komodo dragon, and I am mesmerized by this creature and put it around the back of my neck and I walk back on the porch and there is my father this is where it gets tricky there has been three different endings but all the same thing just a continuation of the first.
First ending: dad goes I see you found the snake and I go its not a snake it’s a komodo dragon and I take it off and look at it and it’s a snake again. Then I wake up
Second ending: dad goes I see you found the snake and I go its not a snake it’s a komodo dragon and I take it off and look at it and it’s a snake again and dad goes it likes you obviously bc it gave me problems Then I wake up
Third ending : dad goes I see you found the snake and I go its not a snake it’s a komodo dragon and I take it off and look at it and it’s a snake again and dad goes it likes you obviously bc it gave me problems then shows me his arm he has a massive bite mark from it Then I wake up

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Jul 30, 2010