Hey, in December (2010) I dreamt of green turtles (I think there wwere more than three) and they were climbing a papya tree. It's like they escaped and were climbing the tree somehow I was inovolved and I could sense they were climbing to something (almost like they were racing or trying hard to reach the top). They was also another one stuck in a banana tree (if I can recall clearly, weird stuff). The picture was all green though (light green an tad bit hazy). Also last night (January ,2011) I dreamt of one but it was still but it was like it was about to move , then it ended. This turtle looked the ones in my mother;s pond. It was darkish green (or black) with two red stripes on its head.
So it's first I have ever had a tree with turtles and an recoccuring one with the same animal. So could you please tell me what it means if you have any idea. Thanks
Hiddenintheleaves Hiddenintheleaves
22-25, F
Jan 25, 2011