My Daughter's Dream

Not sure which section of dreams to put this in, so i wrote it in this one!,. Thank you for taking the time to read,.                                                                           Well this is'nt my dream,. My daughter related her's to me the other day,.

The house we once lived in, before we moved to this, now present home was, we believe to be haunted!,.

Yesterday morning, my daughter, related a "nightmare" she said she had, had,.
She began by saying, in this dream, "she, her, husband and son, had moved back to our old address! which she really didn't like".. She said her cousin, my niece, was with her as she stood in the living room,. When all of a sudden out of nowhere there appeared a little girl, which my daughter said was about 6 yr old,. My daughter asked my niece if she could see and hear this little girl and my niece said no! she couldn't,. My daughter went on to say this, little girl, all she kept saying was "help me, help me" and looking directly at my daughter. Of course my daughter said, it completely frightened her as no-one else there could see this "lil one",. She said she woke up and could remember every little detail,.

This morning, my daughter and son-in-law had no plans to go anywhere, until, that was, my grandson's nose started bleeding heavily, frightened by this, naturally!, they rushed him to "accident and emergency" at the local hospital,. My daughter said on the way there, they passed a very, very bad car crash! the police, ambulance and firemen were all still at the scene, (that was because it had only just happened, i'm presuming),. My daughter "text" to tell me, about this accident,. 
An hour or so later, it was broadcast on the local news! they, mentioned a 6 yr old girl was killed outright!

Do you think this was the little girl my daughter had seen in her dream? or was it just coincidence?

Sadly shall never know!


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She has been told this very thing yes! whateverrrrr! :D your right, thank you! :D Awwww! me also, how sad was that! awwww! and a little 6 yr old awww! :( <br />
Thank you darling for your comment! :D

Your daughter is gifted. <br />
<br />
I feel sorry for the 6 years old.

Awwwwww! Marji! :( the little girls photo was in the local newspaper! and yes, my daughter said "it was her" :( :( :< My daughter made herself ill thinking of that dream! :) <br />
I often think the same thing Marji!, that is why we moved out, from there, my daughter wouldn't venture alone up the stairs or in the back bedroom, she kept saying there was someone there, that didn't want us that's why we moved, we, my hubby son and i listened to her! lol :D <br />
Lollol thank you darling for your feedback also! thank you!!!!! :D

Funny thing, dragonladydreams, :D she has actually started doing that after, she read your comment! to me! :D thank you so much for sharing your view point, with us! my darling friend! :D We appreciate it! <br />
She was actually told she has, "the gift" by of all things a "passing medium" :D Thank you so much for your feedback! babe! :D